The Who's Who of FashionTech Industry?

FashionTech Industry in the present world has emerged as a collaborative stream that introduces the intersection of design, fashion, science, and tech in order to create a user experience. The creation of fashion tech varies from self-expression to applicability and is interrelated, be it design, retail, product, or communication. From craft to industrial production thereby improving each process and making them quicker and efficient than earlier.

This list focuses on leading personalities in fashion tech from the USA, who are an inspiration for others and are helping build the global Fashion Tech community.

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Caroline Farley

Caroline is the Chief Growth Officer for Shoptalk and Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer for Groceryshop. She delivers innovative products and customized activations. Her unwavering commitment towards achieving success for her clients makes her a real re-inventor of traditional industries and an engineer of meaningful partnerships.

Julia Davis

Julia Davis is an award-winning revolutionary eco-friendly fashion designer originally from Ukraine. She creates each garment digitally using the innovative technology of 3D printing by zero-waste patented method on large-format printers in the USA. Winner of 2019 Eluxe Awards, Julia Daviy’s 3D-printed skirts made the must-have list of Vogue UK Spring-Summer 2019 Issue.

Sylvia Heisel

Sylvia is the creative director of the Heisel brand that deals in experiential fashion and creates interactive clothes. The brand partners with artists and businesses for building up installations that expose and engage the interconnected future of fashion, tech, sustainability, and 3D printing.

Celine Semaan Vernon

Celine Semaan is CEO Creative Director of Slow Factory and The Library: Sustainable Fashion Archive. She has a background in user-experience design, information architecture, and multi-media art, and the Library is dedicated to improving sustainability literacy in fashion. It uses a holistic, human-centered approach and bridges science, human rights, technology, fashion & culture to develop products, resources, and certifications for industry and consumers.

Nataliya Makulova

As the founder of Conscious Fashion Tech Consultant & Business Coach, Nataliya is helping fashion brands and tech startups to build more impactful businesses and is working towards building a community of professionals who care about the environment and value the power of authentic connection and business practices.

Michael Reidbord                 

Having built companies in the U.S., Asia, Latin America, and Europe; Michael is involved in numerous start-up successes within the technology and consumer products sectors. He has developed a wearable technology business for MediaTek and has gained accolades for being the Chief Operating Officer of Kloog, Inc., an IoT, and wearables enabling platform acquired by Facebook.

Alexis Walsh

As an artist and designer based in New York City, Alexis focuses on wearable design with the integration of sculptural forms and utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to fabrication. Her work involves treating the human body as a canvas and her exploration of technologies including 3D printing and digital modeling transcends traditional modes of fashion to push the realms of wearable art.

Clare Tattersall

The founder and CEO of ThunderLily and FashionTech.Design, Clare is dedicated to transforming the fashion industry to make the world a better place through processes that will reduce waste and more. She is also a designer who has an amazing insight about the Math and Technology of fashion.

Richa Agarwal

As a committed social entrepreneur, Richa Agarwal aims to fuse her design and engineering background to catalyze cultural change which measures business value by a triple-bottom-line benefitting all stakeholders. She has worked at the intersection of the global apparel industry, education, and human development and has led global teams for various organizations that include fashion companies, international NGOs, and foundations.

Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman

She is the founder of the Interwoven Design Group, where she combines her expertise in wearable technology and smart textiles. She is an expert in designing wearable technology, functional apparel, and soft goods with smart textiles and is known as one of the WoW women in fashion tech. She also holds the expertise in developing proprietary performance textiles that has led to the growth of love for functional and smart textiles.

Catherine Barba Chiaramonti

She is the founder of PEPS Lab which is a retail innovation lab offering guidance to brands and retailers. She is working hard to push diversity and inclusion through her civil and social organization –WIN forum NY.

Bridget Anderson

She is the Deputy Commissioner for Recycling and Sustainability of DSNY and a passionate advocate for sustainable solid waste management practices. She has led the city’s residential organics collection pilot and has successfully expanded the program to serve 250,000 New Yorkers in 100,000 households in all five boroughs.

Caroline Priebe

She hones an honest approach to design grounded in ethical sourcing and low-impact manufacturing. She is well-versed across all aspects of production and consults for a number of brands in sustainable development, from concept-to-production, source to the afterlife.

Tara St James

She is an eco-friendly designer creating sharp, utilitarian, and thoughtfully effortless designs. A fashionista with a conscience, she is a half-business woman, half-designer and all-purpose. The New York fashion world is receiving ethically –sourced material, ethical production practices, and consumer transparency through her efforts.

Amy Newton

She is the head of partnerships at Amazon Advertising and a contemporary womenswear designer. She is responsible for building media partnerships with some of the largest clothing, jewelry and accessories companies in the U.S. and has a focus in developing leading brand and e-Commerce media strategies for delivering meaningful results for clients.

Katherine Lantuch

She is an e-Commerce and retail leader who blends business and creative skills to transform brands and build customer lifetime value and exponentially grow sales.

Liat Zakay

She is the Founder and CEO of Donde Search that is based on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. She was a coder in the Israel Intelligence before starting Donde Search that is transforming the way consumers shop online.

Ruchir Shah

The founder of Smart Mirror- a virtual makeup artist on phone, Ruchir Shah is an entrepreneur who uses technology to make hard topics fun. He uses educational comics to spread cultural awareness.

Brynn Jinnett Putnam

Brynn is the founder and CEO of MIRROR, a fitness technology company that is determined to revolutionize the way people work out by bringing the boutique studio experience in-home. He is regarded as the pioneer of the fitness industry for more than a decade.

Katherine Black

Katherine is an experienced executive with a deep passion for driving business growth for retailers. She harnesses data and customer analytics to shape actionable marketing strategies. As a Principal in KPMG Strategy, she utilizes her 20 years of experience in customer analytics as a consultant and practitioner to drive transformational growth strategies.

Francesca Danzi

She is the founder of Danzi Consulting and also plays the new role of chief client officer of Tory Burch. She helps organizations embrace digital change and develop personalized relations to drive loyalty and growth across channels and countries.

Liza Stark

This New York-based designer, educator, organizer, and creative technologist works at the intersection of craft, DIY electronics, and smart materials. Her specialization counts in eTextile development, wearable technology, human-centered design, and playful learning. 

Limor Fried

This American electrical engineer and owner of the electronics hobbyist company Adafruit Industries plays an influential role in the open-source hardware community. She is known by her nickname ladyada as homage to Lady Ada Lovelace. She has channelized the concept of critical design in creating prototyped glasses that darken when a television is in view and a low-power RF jammer prevents cell phones operating in a user’s personal space.

Leanne Luce

Leanne is the product manager at Google and the author of the “Artificial Intelligence for Fashion” book. She has followed her curiosity throughout to keep going with fashion and technology-related projects and jobs. She is a designer, a technologist, and an author who builds wearable systems, new manufacturing processes, and software for the fashion industry. The Fashion Robot is a blog founded by her that comprises tales on AI, robotics, culture, and fashion.

Suzanne Lee

Lee is a designer and chief creative officer with Modern Meadow. Her latest work includes the experiment to biofabricate leather that means she is working upon growing leather in a lab without the animal. She with her team of scientists is also working upon taking new materials and turning them into functional, beautiful pieces of clothing, furniture and accessories. Through her work at the weld of biotech and design, she is creating the future in her industry.

Despina Papadopoulos

As a designer, researcher, and teacher; Despina is inclined towards the process of turning ideas into tangible artifacts and exploring the relationship between tools. She has been developing wearable and experimenting with e-Textiles for the better part of the past 20 years. She has been functional closely with organizations to assist them in defining their mission, mapping their process, and unraveling new opportunities that go on to the stage of investigating the relationship between people, process, and technology.

Meghan Kelly

As the senior manager of growth marketing at Rent The Runway, Meghan has loved to face challenges and thrived to solve complex business problems. Through her great instincts, she fosters and nurtures business relationships with her colleagues and business partners. Her rich experience in digital marketing along with her open-mindedness to new learning makes her a true professional wanting to make a difference every day.

Andrea Rose

A fashion expert and award-winning inventor, Andrea has worked with women of all ages and created the Stylefitter system to offer them the insight, information, and tools they need to become their own fashion consultant. She believes in empowering women to take control of their fashion life. This award-winning inventor holds accolades in form of her patented virtual fitting room that has revolutionized e-retailing and has been used by notable online retailers such as H&M, Sears, and Lands’ End.

Tanu Vasu

Tanu is a designer who adopts fashion as an artistic expression by using visual language as a guide to lead the audience through her collections. Her hybrid forms of clothing equate to artisanal practice with innovation in fabric. She believes in depleting the human figure from its natural form through her clothing medium. Her inspiration draws imagination from various historic, scientific, musical, geographic, and literary ideas.

Snezhana Paderina

Paderina is a New-York based fashion and wearable technology designer. Her work revolves around elevating an assortment of modern fashion and tech wearables through the use of cutting-edge technology and traditional techniques.

List Sade-Sternberg

The founder and CEO of, Liat is the first Israeli woman to win MIDEMLAB which is the biggest startup competition of the music industry in 2015. She has also been recognized by ‘Vivendi’ as a promising entrepreneur. Through, she is leading the startup to a new revolution in the video and augmented reality segments.

Keren Zimmerman

Keren is the co-founder and president of Personali, which helps top-tier retailers to increase sales and profitability both online and offline. The intelligence incentive platform offers the ability to draw, capture, and connect shoppers’ emotional responses. The leading technology investors of the  FashionTech Industry namely Norwest Venture Partners, Cedar Fund, and Gemini Partners provide backup to Personali. The company targets the shoppers through personalized incentives, ultimately accelerating sales growth, optimizing profitability, and increasing customer loyalty. FashionTech Industry

Tara Robinson

Tara is a retail marketing professional with expertise in apparel and footwear. As a retail analyst who specializes in future retail and consumer engagement in the big data era; she also holds repute as the founder of Tracks Racks. Track Racks reshapes sample trafficking through product recognition, QR codes, and client database so that processes are simplified and sample loss is decreased. This all-in-one web-based management service for fashion companies provides proven and reliable messengers to return samples.

Chelsie Lee

Chelsie is the co-founder and CEO of Shipsi that empowers any retailer the ability to offer an easy “instant shipping” option on their checkout page. This company holds experience in information technology and services and prevents the retailers’ worry about logistics.


Corynne L. Corbett

Corbett is a member of the American Society of Magazine Editors and the National Association of Black Journalists. She has served as the beauty and wellness director of Real Simple magazine and has worked as a brand strategist and image consultant for Clinique, Maybelline New York, L’Oreal, Coty, Dior to name a few. Having begun her career at Elle magazine, Corbett has appeared as a beauty and style expert and has mentored many young women inclined towards succeeding in the beauty industry through her non-organization, Beauty Biz Camp.

Jessica Kelly

Jessica is the founder and CEO of THR3EFOLD that deals with ethical fashion and works towards positively impacting people and the planet. The THR3EFOLD community caters to a knowledge platform that provides resources worth learning and also helps find ethically certified factories around the world so that production is managed ethically.

As a champion for ethical fashion, Jessica has spent a decade in the fashion industry working towards a better cause. Her insights on the significance of tech lead her to bridge the gap between designer and manufacturer towards ethical and sustainable living.

Jessica Schreiber

She is the founder of FABSCRAP and is known for her passion for waste prevention. Her experience in project development, analytics, and management define her commitment to community outreach and education. FABSCRAP is a platform for convenient pickup of fabric scraps from commercial businesses in New York City. The commercial businesses with which it deals include fashion brands, interior designers, cutting rooms, tailors, costume, and set designers to name a few. The brand aims at reusing or recycling fabric scraps so that diversion from landfills is maximized and data on commercial textile waste stream is compiled. 

Ed King

Known popularly as “The Professor” for a reason, Ed King is the Co-Founder of High Street Collective. He holds specialties in customer experience, innovating technology, retail, shopping strategy, hospitality, digital strategy, prototype development and testing, content development, consulting, customer retention, loyalty, and consulting.

HighStreet and its Collective partners assist retailers, brands, and service providers to understand today’s digitally connected shoppers so that retail experiences can be built to get people off the couch and back into the store.

Amanda Munz

Founder of The Fashion Foundation, Munz has created a fashion nonprofit that funds education. Taking excess samples from designers and retailers to sell them in their physical and online shops is the main function of this foundation.

Jaclynn Brennan

She is the founding partner and commercial director of eSTYLAR and CEO of creative duality. She focuses on integrated marketing, digital road mapping, brand identity and go to market launch strategy. Working with clients across fashion, beauty, lifestyle and consumer products; she holds expertise in strategizing and exploring new frontiers using conceptual thinking by embracing originality and creating link between business and branding. Through her passion for fashion and tech, she has led to a fashion AR start-up called eSTYLAR, which is a virtual fitting room for online shopping.

Chelsea Klukas

Chelsea as the Co-Founder of MakeFashion and creative leader specializes in area of community, fit and fashion, social networks and mobile e-commerce. Through her passion for developing designers into leaders, she has been inspiring creativity and big thinking to pair fine arts background and passion for design with data-driven sensibilities in her career and hobbies.




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