Valentine’s day is one of those classic old school holidays. We tend to celebrate with the traditional candies, flowers, and perhaps a few adult activities if you know what we mean. These days we usually skip the traditions and merge our millennialist ways of thinking as a way to integrate.


Being innovate is what this generation is best at. Don’t have a date? No problem!  There’s about a hundred dating apps ready and available for you to download. What’s perfect is that everyone has the same idea as you. “Let me find a valentine’s day date real quick” because let’s face it Galentine’s day is cute but we also need a little companionship too.


We need romance and attention from other human beings. It’s just facts. Plus if you have a bae already there’s all types of dope gadgets that you find as a gift. Instead of finding your honey a new cologne or watch, try some of the latest tech gadgets on the market.

If you’re in a long distance relationship there’s always the new Facebook portal. This device takes FaceTiming with bae to a whole new level. It’s the leading device for video phone calls. There’s also the bond touch bracelet, that allows you and your boo to send each other actual vibes when you’re thinking of one another. They’ll come in as little vibrations on your wrist as a friendly reminder that you’re loved and missed.


facebook portal

Beards are in, but if your man likes to line himself up here and there, or even prefers a clean shaven face, try one of these.

Gillette has a heated razor that mimics the treatment you get at a barbershop. Once it’s turned on the razor heats up to about 122 degrees. The heat warms your soap, or shaving cream, and your skin for a high class shave in your own bathroom.


This year mixed reality glasses we’re introduced to the tech world. Nreal, a Chinese tech startup created this gadget that could soon be a phenomenon. If your bae likes mixing realities this would be a really great gift. They’re cool because they look like a regular stylish pair of shades, but they’re not….at all. Once you put them on you’ll find that reality and what you see in the real world will be overlayed with virtual content. Spatial sound, a widescreen display at 1080p, and voice control are some of the things included in this experience.




A MoodoGo portable diffuser would be everything. So many people are busy being bosses and dominating their fields. Sometimes having a moment to yourself is much needed as you go about your day. This gadget is an aroma diffuser that you can take on the go. It’s USB operated and has interchangeable scent capsules. When you need a moment to breathe in the middle of your day, just plug it in for a few minutes and then go kill it.



The Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant is a beautifully simplistic gift. Programmed to tell you the time when asked, charges your phone while you’re sleeping, and gently wakes you up to peaceful sounds. It’s the perfect gift for your boo, plus if you pair it with the google assistant it can do so much more. This alarm clock has a cute leather grey case and it’s a chic addition to your bedroom decor.


So, whether you find a cute date on an app, or find an awesome gift for bae just have fun. And be sure that you keep it cool, creative, and innovative this Valentine’s Day.


For more ideas for what to get bae this year check these out.


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