The beauty and the challenge with The Fashion Tech Industry have always been the fact that it is in a state of continuous and agile evolution. Fashion companies struggle to offer the new, while they juggle through the tasks of conceptualization, production, customer outreach, and brand building.


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Technology is the ultimate savior in this tedious process and carries the potential of tangible solutions for those eager to upgrade their processes and stay above the curve.

Keeping with the enormous relevance of technology in The Fashion Tech Industry, here are 7 startups disrupting the space with their impressive solutions -


1. BrightLabel

BrightLabel empowers fashion brands to leverage their existing supply chain and build a loyal customer base by means of digital labeling.

Their digital labels concept is designed to boost a brand’s transparency level, and thereby channelize it towards building a tangible degree of customer trust.

Essentially, the startup provides a framework to equip labels with QR codes that can be scanned from a smartphone to instantly give away information like the product origin, manufacturing process, materials used, sustainability quotient, and product care guidelines.


2. EverThread
In e-commerce, it’s mainly the product photos that influence purchase decisions, which is why sellers desire to showcase the most detailed images of all their products. However, that is not always practically possible due to cost and time constraints.

EverThread steps in here to help enable retailers create unlimited views of their fashion products with its proprietary image rendering software.

In short, EverThread lends the retailer, the advantage and convenience to offer instant product customizations for each garment using a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes in a quick, cost-effective way.


3. Headliner Labs
Headliner Labs provides an effective upgrade to amplify results from e-commerce retargeting.

This startup basically helps to increase the effectiveness of retargeting advertisements by replacing standard ads with a real conversation. Their personalized marketing approach is made possible by means of extremely intelligent and automated Facebook chat bots.


4. CherryPick

CherryPick helps to make social media extremely actionable for fashion brands.

Piggybacking on the AI and ML technology, the startup has devised a technology that scans the thousands of comments left on the Instagram posts of a brand. Based on that it gives the brand’s retailers access into the real-time purchase intent revealed by customers themselves for products online.


5. Find Me A Shoe

Finding a good pair of shoes that fit well, look good and are comfortable is an arduous task that everyone can relate to. Find Me A Shoe with its dedicated mobile app help users to solve this very problem in a nearly effortless click.

With their solution, all you need to do is take photographs of your foot and get customized and accurate shopping recommendations that blend comfort and style. Disruptive Startups You Need To Watch Out For In The Fashion Tech Industry

6. Eon

The physical world of fashion, apparel, and retail is quite fragmented. Eon seeks to provide digital connectivity to these elements and foster a more responsive, smarter and profitable business for clothing manufacturers.

The startup does so by providing a “Digital ID” to each item that helps to improve the life cycle of products, right from retailing to recycling. 


7. Shimmy

Shimmy is governed by the motto of empowering fashion companies with the chance to embrace automation, with a people first mindset.

The A-I led platform is designed to infuse enormous amounts of efficiency in apparel design workflows and streamline the steps in fashion production processes.

Well, these were some of the best startups from the world of fashion tech in 2018. Which one do you think offers the best solution? Let us know in the comments below. 


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