What’s better than an NFT? An NFT you can hold in your hand. That’s the idea behind IMAGENERIA: the world’s first platform for the digital delivery of sustainable 3D-printable lifestyle products.

IMAGENERIA launched on November 17, 2021 with more than 300 high-quality 3D-printable files created by cutting-edge artists from across the globe. Each file is an NFT, a unique digital asset that guarantees creators a solid return for their hard work and guarantees buyers that they are investing in absolutely unique pieces of digital craftsmanship.

This approach opens up worlds of possibility beyond simply collecting NFTs or treating them as investments. 3D printable files listed by IMAGENERIA can be used to produce a limitless range of lifestyle goods, from jewelry and fashion items to sporting goods and even bionics. When the owner of a file licenses it for use, buyers get exactly what the designer intended, at home, without the cost, delay, and environmental impact of warehousing and shipping. It’s the way of the future for more than just collectibles.


A Pioneering Vision

IMAGENERIA launched its platform in a big way, by producing an NFT of the world’s largest 3D-printed flag. Digitizing world records is just the start of what makes the platform so special.

What really sets IMAGENERIA apart is the way it integrates an entire value chain, from design to the selling and trading of digital assets on to the actual creation of 3D-printed lifestyle products. It does so through a carefully managed marketplace that supports the highest standards of design and manufacturing quality. Design files represented on IMAGENERIA can be sold as NFTs or used to create tangible items, all on a platform that facilitates open communication among designers, buyers, and manufacturers.

At the same time, IMAGENERIA represents a highly scalable infrastructure capable of adding unlimited designs and a limitless range of 3D-printable assets, while also supporting a robust and growing network of 3D printing studios around the world. Its combination of advanced technologies—AI, AR, and additive manufacturing to name a few, on a blockchain-based platform—can adapt to a wide range of business and individual needs.

Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Transforming the way we buy, sell, and produce lifestyle goods is just the beginning. IMAGENERIA was built with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in mind, and sustainability has guided the platform’s development team since 2015. Its model enables IMAGNERIA to achieve a miniscule impact on the environment—at least 97% less than products manufactured and sold through traditional means, according to one study.

It starts with AI-powered asset personalization, which helps use materials and energy more efficiently and saves time and labor. When a 3D-printable digital asset is traded on IMAGENERIA, home printing it helps save the cost of mass-producing, storing, and transporting goods to consumers’ doorsteps. In other cases, the high-quality printable files listed on IMAGENERIA enable a wide range of distributed manufacturing methods, which in turn create jobs. 

More Than a Marketplace

While IMAGENERIA is a remarkable accomplishment in its own right, its most significant breakthrough may be the way it brings all participants in the value chain together. Designers can work directly with consumers to test new ideas; product developers can get their final versions of each new products quickly to market through distributed manufacturing.

In bringing together the digital and the tangible, ideation and manufacturing, sellers and buyers, IMAGENERIA is paving the way to the future.



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