If you haven't already seen on Snapchat or Instagram or Facebook the shoes that have millennials up in a roar, then you don't know that a Japanese shoemaker, Kyoto Ohata created a hilarious pair of pigeon-themed high heels that look so life like and real that everyone in the millennial age group has freaked out.  All the major fashion Snapchat accounts covered this look and the reaction was so huge, that no one realized they weren't a fashion statement. The creator created them so that she could walk among the pigeons and feed them without scaring them away.




But now millennials are wanting buy these shoes, because this generation of crazy young people love to spend money and waste money on stupid things, and the pigeon shoes are just one of many high-priced novelty items that hipsters cannot keep their paws off.

Brunch: One the dumbest things they spend their hard earned cash on is brunch. Image a fat piece of five grain bread with some crumbled feta and a over ripe smashed up avocado costs $23 and that ends up being a more than once a week ritual Add those dollars up and that's monthly retirement savings!

Coffee: The strange obsession with double shot, cold drip coffees that have a smidgen of almond milk for $10. So the more expensive and pretentious the process the better, if they drank Nescafé that's almost a monthly car payment!

Water:If it's not sparkling then it's not snazzy enough and to think you can get it free from the tap. Their insistence on fancy foreign types makes you realize why they can't afford buying a house.

Popcorn:If it's not organic then it's not posh enough. A product called 'poshcorn' is so popular now and so expensive for 75g of of snobby snacks, that it would embarrass their grandparents who were born during the depression and understood the value of a kernel.

Fancy Donuts:A food that was meant to be blue collar, fast and economical, made for truckers and housewives paired with down to earth coffee is now a $30 box with fancy decorations that speak to the stupidity of this age group that get so easily manipulated by crumbled smarties and oreos.

Uber:As if walking and the subway or streetcars did not exist before. Generation Y, it's free and it's healthier than calling some random person on an app to go 5 blocks. Lazy and wasteful.

Hair products:Now that men must have beards and manbuns, they money guys spend on grooming and trimming to look tousled and unkempt is mind boggling.

Juice:If it's not cold pressed and 100% organic, then they can't drink it. Juice has to go through a complicated process of being put into recycled glass bottle with fancy logo design and that costs $11 a pop. Save money.

Mugs:It's almost a law that a hipster has to have a fancy mug to drink their green tea in, if it's not unique and handmade you can't be taken seriously.



So when you look at what millennials buy, do pigeon shoes trending on a famous fashion Snapchat account really surprise you? This useless generation basically defines itself by it's over consumption of stupid things and lack of actual meaningful stuff.




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