Songwriting is a type of art that not everyone is gifted in. To be able to convey yourself through words in the form of a catchy or touching song demands skill and talent. Ali Ciwanro, an up-and-coming artist, has always had a knack for words.

His capacity to express himself on paper stemmed from obstacles he faced in school as a child. All of the emotions and feelings were channeled into lyrical works of art by the young writer.


Ali Ciwanro, also known as Ali Ahmed, was born in Germany, on November 25, 2001. He knew from a young age that he didn’t want to live his life in a typical manner. Having discovered his passion, he decided to devote his entire life to it, and at the tender age of 14, he vowed that he would never return to his hometown.

As the young talented writer honed his craft, he was able to get the recognition to be recommended for the position of a ghostwriter, which is a person whose job it is to write material for someone else who will be known as the author. In fact, he has already assisted in 16 gold-certified songs.

The phenomenal songwriter’s writing process includes dissecting his emotions in order to write songs with substance. It’s no surprise that artists turn to him when they want to create something meaningful that resonates with their audience.

Despite his youth, Ali demonstrates maturity by looking within himself and bringing to light whatever surfaces, whether positive or negative. The fact that he can do so gives him some leeway when it comes to expressing himself. No one can match his song lyrics’ structure, which includes similes and multi-syllable rhyming chains. Ali has collaborated with a number of outstanding musicians

Music is known to uplift people. Simply listening to the lyrics of a known singer’s song may create the illusion that you’ve known them forever. The fact that songwriters are frequently unnoticed does not negate their significance in music. Another frequently ignored career is ghostwriting. Although some of our favorite songs were penned by others, they were sung and attributed to a famous performer. Consider the thought of not hearing a well-known song sung by that particular celebrity. This is why writers like Ali Ciwanro are important and deserve more credit.

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