South African actress Amy Letcher is no stranger to global hit shows. Having appeared on 'NCIS', 'Black Sails' and 'The Romanoffs', Letcher is accustomed to seeing her work reach audiences around the world. Even so, FloQast Studios and Cinemand Films' new workplace comedy, 'PBC' - which was released worldwide this year to rave reviews - has a special place in her heart.

“I love comedy, and I also love the fact that there are musical elements to the show. Josh and Gallagher came up with the most incredible musical number for season 1, and it was such fun to film. Getting to bring my experience in musical theater to set was such a treat.” Letcher said recently of the musical number 'In Another Life' created by 'PBC's' writer/director Josh Sims, and show-runner Michael J. Gallagher.


With the release of its first season in January of 2022, 'PBC' has already been compared to the likes of 'The Office' and 'Parks and Recreation'. And it’s no wonder, boasting a cast of comedic heavyweights, the series stars Kate Flannery (The Office), Pete Gardner (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), and Danny Trejo (Machete), adding Cheri Oteri (Saturday Night Live) and Neil Flynn (Scrubs) to season 2. Amy Letcher stars as Makayla, one of the show’s leads, and is set to reprise her role in season 2.

Letcher grew up in a small town in Eastern South Africa. Moving to Cape Town to study film after high school, she was soon awarded a scholarship to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, where she quickly made a name for herself as a performer whose versatility knows no bounds. With roles in several award-winning series, the debut of her self-written solo show on the world-renowned Theatre Row in New York City, and a lead role in the horror-comedy, 'Overkill' - which has charmed film festivals across the globe, collecting a mammoth 42 awards, and a further 56 nominations - Letcher seems to thrive in whatever environment she finds herself in. She’s even ventured into the world of stunt and sword work, most recently as a soft-spoken assassin in the currently-in-production, 'Midnight Six'.


So what’s next for Letcher? It seems her versatility is a skill that 'PBC' is only too happy to embrace. “Is there another musical number in season 2? If there is, it’s even better than the first.” Letcher teased.

Audiences around the world are eagerly anticipating the return of the beloved series.



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