Carol Collins is a channeler located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her work consists of classes, events, retreats, private readings, and courses as well. 

Carol’s courses include classes such as connecting with your spirit, the art of self-healing, spiritually led journey, unfoldment into channeling, etc., and is offered through a twelve-week semester or as mini-courses, depending on your preference. Carol has both virtual and in-person sessions.



Carol is what some may say a “spontaneous channel'' or an individual who has had a spiritual awakening. Carol's gift comes with her connecting and speaking with spirits of all forms (present and deceased,) as well as look into future lives, and other spiritual planes. She is able to shift into a trance or altered state. She is also able to look into and answer spiritual questions such as how our world was created, why we are having a physical life experience, Law of Personal Reality / Law of Attraction, and how thoughts create your reality.

In fact, Carol’s gift discovered her. She went through a relationship break and moved to a different state. Through this journey, she seeked freshness and “solitude.” She had a difficult time adjusting to a new place and is newly single. So, she began to pray as well as everything else that comes with it. With that in mind, she turned to her favorite mindfulness techniques including journaling and reading emotional balancing techniques, as well as other mindfulness activities. 

Carol decided to join a Facebook group that led to her discovery of an Abraham-Hicks video. She felt a “warm soothing sensation in the center of her chest.''  This made her feel “more than drawn” to the teaching of Abraham. It helped Carol soothe and cope with everything that was going on at the time. “Abraham lovingly says “you do not have time to not do it.”” This is when Carol bought Esther Hicks’ CD and instantly started meditating, using it daily for almost three months.



One day, about 9-months into the practice, Carol recalled that her “head stopped to the left instead of the usual center-front position, it paused briefly and then words began to be spelled in cursive in the air using my nose.” She claims that this feeling was “intelligence coming through.”

She went on to say how they taught her about “Consciousness”, how the world was created, how we can all connect with our loved ones and spirit helpers, why we are having a physical life experience, what her purpose was. They told her that she was “channeling them” and when she asked who she was speaking with, they spelled “James and Jeshua” on her face.

Carol recalls that day being March 20, 2019. Since then, she has seen James and Jeshua (in a trance state,) as well as others, conduct hundreds of seminars, events, workshops, retreats, public and private readings, and attunement (or Quantum Energy Healing) sessions while in a trance condition.

Carol loves her job because she helps people. She explains that “there is so much validation, accuracy, soothing, and comfort” that she provides to a client in just a single session. She states that a channeled reading is always accurate because “your Jeshua borrows my voice to have a direct conversation with you.” 

She appreciates that clients benefit from her sessions in many ways. After attending her sessions, they walk away with structured guidance, healing, answers to life's most pressing questions,etc. But, most importantly they get relief. Carol’s clients are always thankful and walk away with a sense of calm and a strategy in place to either continue on their present path or shift what they are “manifesting.”

Depending on the case, Carol’s clients come back for many sessions. Sessions last from about thirty to sixty minutes. She states that “Once they hear what Jeshua has to say, and what Jeshua calls “structured guidance,” which is a step by step plan she explains, they come back. Some for many years. “You cannot help but become a thankful individual from that kind of global response from people,” Carol explained.

Carol sees  the “Teachings of Jeshua” evolving in the way that has been described to her. With that being said, she has been asked to create the Jeshua Center for Intuitive Studies which began in 2021. Jeshua and other “master teachers” as they call themselves teach what they refer to as “The Essential Material” which has four areas of learning.

Carol feels very blessed and transformed by this method. It has changed her lifestyle completely, for the better, physically and emotionally. She explains that she is content by not just her loved ones but by other non-physical material in the universe. Carol does not make bad decisions or get into horrible moods anymore. Overall, she is a healthier individual. “Daily, silent meditation for a handful of minutes while slowing breathing and thinking of little to nothing and you can heal yourself from anything and transform your life. I am living proof of it,” Carol explains.

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