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Knowing the value of your self-worth is invaluable.   

Millions of humans live their lives based on other people’s opinions, aspirations, and feelings. Suppressing your self-worth is a realistic option when a person lives in the shadows of people’s insights. Once a person lowers their self-esteem value psychologically, they quit on themselves and simply exist.  

Living life through their lens of destiny is blurred and modified to a lower standard of achievement. Understanding the value of your life, God-given talent, and family legacy is an inestimable process.  

Becoming an invincible force of nature means a person comprehends the power, influence, and social media valuation. Major Recording Artist/Multi-Platform Entrepreneur Chihendi sets her own prices in life.   


Chihendi isn’t compromising in 2022 or ever again in life.  


Chihendi life perspectives have changed over the past six months. Compromising for anything less than her desires is not allowed. Musically, physically, spiritually, and psychologically Chihendi has upgraded to unprecedented levels.  

Living free and inhibited is the new Chihendi. Chihendi’s music is a pure reflection of her newfound tranquility in life. She recently became appointed Senior Digital Engagement Manager for RADIOPUSHERS and Livestream Manager for DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami on iHeartRadio. Her latest single, ‘Didi Da,’ is making immense digital streaming waves online. In 2022, Chihendi is bringing her own food to the table.   


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