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Greatness comes at the highest price in life.   

Acquiring and maintaining greatness are not created equal. Maximizing your God-given ability requires unimaginable sacrifice, endless soul-searching, and unconventional wisdom. Very few people travel through life with a divine light of faith and prosperity. Understanding your purpose creates symbolic clarity and pressure simultaneously.   

Staring into the mirror of failure and destiny is not for the light-hearted. Converting weaknesses into strengths requires unthinkable discipline, rhinoceros skin, out-of-the-box thinking, and a high pain threshold.   

Major Recording Artist/Multi-Platform entrepreneur Kyss Major has always understood the difference between price and value in life. Betting on yourself comes at an incalculable rate in life. However, the rewards and blessings of being self-made are worth a king's ransom.   


Kyss Major was born with an angelic glow to electrify human society.  


Life of Kyss Major reads like an epic Hollywood movie. Performing at the highest levels in music creates a specialized group of confidence and euphoria. Born with a divine musical DNA, Kyss Major's digital catalog reveals her undisputed psychological intelligence, mass appeal, vocal mastery, and authentic storytelling capacity.  

Kyss Major's music resume is highly decorated and well-respected throughout the music industry. Kyss Major's chief focus heading into 2023 lies within her capacity to create a self-made multimedia empire and reach all seven continents with timeless music.   

Kyss Major's latest single, 'Breathe,' continues to impact radio and iHeartRadio. DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami powered by iHeartRadio has added Kyss track 'Breathe' into heavy rotation. Kyss Major is a one-of-one, and her movement is now being televised.   


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