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Marcus Rogers (@marcusrogerschildoftheking) 


The power of Belief is incomparable.   

An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. This defines the word: 'Belief.' Belief and faith have been married since the earth began.  

People wake up every day bound by beliefs, religion, and dreams. Believing in someone or a higher power requires unquestionable devotion. Seeing a path forward when outsiders can't comprehend builds unshakable faith in oneself.   

Purpose and pain are cousins of Belief. When blended together correctly, they create a unique formula for success. Marcus Rogers is a man driven by God's plan. Marcus Rogers's foundation is faith, family, and public service. 

Marcus Rogers defines the meaning of devotion.  

Educating, empowering, and creating generational leaders of change is a chief focus of Marcus Rogers. Listening to Marcus Rogers speak, a person instantly gravitates to his lionhearted message. His unflinching mentality and angelic glow illuminate the possibilities of life.

Marcus Rogers's music career reflects his passions, principles, and priorities in life. His music creates a unique highway of hope, aspirations, and survival language for people. 'The Brotherhood War Cry' has garnered critical acclaim from power-players in music and consumers worldwide. Amassing over 1,000,000 streams across all platforms, Marcus Rogers's music contains unrivaled mass appeal. Marcus Rogers's life has a divine calling for this earth. In 2022, he's walking by faith and no sight.   




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