Gifting music happens in various ways based on the occasion or the person you’re doing it for. Traditionally, music lovers have been gifting their friends and loved ones with mix tapes, books on their favorite music, records and more. The trend has however changed as you can now personalize lyrics and hire a musician to sing it for you.

A gift song is an excellent and emotional present that lets the person you’re gifting know how you feel about them. The memory lasts for a lifetime which is why Bring My Song To Life is here to help with that. 

With Bring My Song To Life, you can order a personalized song and have it produced in record time. It helps people create beautiful memories that bring joy and happiness to the ones they cherish. Here’s what one client had to say (copied from Trustpilot, the review website): “Thank you for producing MY STAR, my spouse is over the moon!!!! Anna.” 


Which Occasions Can You Gift Music 

Music gives us comfort, calms us, and also invigorates us. It helps us create a positive mood, make beautiful memories and also inspires us. It is also a great way of celebrating special people in your life. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, graduation, or a great friendship, it allows you to communicate your appreciation for them.

Bring My Song To Life has helped many to express exactly what is in their hearts. As part of the Tunedly family, they have created over 7,000 songs since its inception in 2015. You can never go wrong with a music gift especially if there’s nothing in this world you haven’t done for them. Make them feel warm and cherished and enjoy great memories together.



Which Song Package is Right?

My uncle, to whom I tell all about the articles in my queue, asked me “which song package will suit my third anniversary? I truly became aware of the durability of our relationship last year and I just want to make her happy. Thanks for the help” Rocki

Bring My Song To Life has three song packages you can use. These are Nice & Simple, Radio Ready, and Corporate. The nice and simple package currently costs $199 and it comes with a 3-5 minute song with lyrics, one instrument and vocals. It also takes 5-7 days for it to be ready.

Radio ready is the most recommended song package as it has three instruments and vocals with customized music and lyrics. It's currently going for $299 and the turnaround time is between 7-14 days. This package is great as it is radio ready, therefore, you can surprise your loved one by getting it played live on the radio.


Can You Get Help When Writing Your Message?

If you want advice on the kind of message to include in his song and wonder: “If I choose Radio Ready, will I get advice to say I love you to my girlfriend with a song?” . Bring My Song To Life will never leave you hanging. When ordering your song, write all the details you’d like incorporated into it. 

These include your special memories together, the kind of reaction you want, who the person is to you, and the occasion the song is for. The information you provide will be used to write the song’s lyrics and the first draft is sent to you for approval or further changes. Once you’re satisfied, the production starts.

This is the part where you indicate the type of genre you want for the music to be composed. The first version will be sent to you as soon as it is done for your review. If you’re happy with it, the production is finalized and the final version sent to you.


Can You Add a Personal Story Page on Bring My Song To Life

If, like me, you ordered a song two days prior realizing you didn’t purchase the Personal Story Page and think it is too late…

It is never too late whether the production is complete or not. On the personal story page, you will find your song, and the lyrics and you can also include a lyric video. You can further personalize by adding pictures on both the top and bottom of the page to make the experience memorable. The texts can be replaced with your custom message for you to share with the one you're doing it for. 


In Conclusion

According to the company, the ultimate goal for Bring My Song To Life is to make clients happy. Whichever occasion you have, you can always trust that Bring My Song To Life will bring your stories to life to get the wow moment. Visit their website and order a song for your anniversary, summer break, graduation and more.


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