Photo provided by: Q'moshyn (@qmoshyn) 


Life doesn’t always give you an option.  


Some people are born into this world with only one option in life. Sink or swim is their reality every single day. Legends or systematic failures develop from being conceived in the belly of the beast.  

Being born a black male in America is a sacred and death-defying role in life. Making it home every night alive is a privilege in black culture.   

Corrupt criminal justice systems, police brutality, systemic racism, and economic suppression impact the black community at unprecedented levels. Major Recording Artist/Multi-Platform Entrepreneur Q’moshyn never wavered from the pressures of life.  

Q’moshyn embraced every obstacle, trial, and barrier presented on his path to rap supremacy.   

Hustlers are born and not created.  


Q’moshyn is an innate Hip-Hop storyteller. His lyrics challenge Generation Z's minds and push the creative boundaries in music. Every aspect of Q’moshyn’s music illuminates his organic ability to vocalize elements of life that are only visible to him.   

You can’t date rap culture. A person must be married to the game. Q’moshyn understands its all or nothing in 2022. His multimedia company recently inked a performance-based music monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS and DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami powered by iHeartRadio


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