Quinashai Chelette

Photo provided by: Quinashai Chelette (@quinashai_chelette)


Heavy is the head that wears the crown. 

"The time to perform is never the time to prepare." This is a famous quote used in the military. Being ready for the moment separates leaders from followers. People who consistently prepare place themselves in winning positions. Preparation requires abnormal discipline, passion for the process, and tunnel vision.   

Under pressure, people often change their lives, and their sense of inner peace can be jeopardized. Everyone processes and manages pressure differently in life. The masses typically succumb to stress or allow themselves to be engulfed.  

Possessing high levels of mental fortitude elevates natural-born leaders to greatness. Quinashai Chelette was born to wear the 'empress crown.' Since birth, Quinashai Chelette's life has been unscripted. She has always fought for creative freedom and controlling the Quinashai Chelette narrative.   


In 2022, Quinashai Chelette Found Her Gift 


She is a natural writer with a musical heart and an innate ability to write poetry. With Quinashai Chelette's lyrics, people are given an opportunity to dream big, live freely, and never compromise their art for perspective.  

Her lyrics are a testament to Generation Z and speak directly to their hearts and souls. Her strong lyrical flow, sonic instrumentation, and exceptional visual skills on stage are the reasons why Quinashai Chelette has such a creative genius.   

Throughout Quinashai Chelette's music, you will find themes of love, seduction, emotional intelligence, and freedom. She demonstrates how to embrace pressure and pursue dreams without limits or compromise.  

Quinashai Chelette's multimedia company is partnering with RADIOPUHSERS for music monetization in 2022. Quinashai Chelette was recently appointed as a Brand Ambassador for MUSICHYPEBEAST



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