Within a state, the law continues to be the most powerful entity. Its job is to determine what is right and wrong and the results of its actions. However, the legal system is not always ideal, and it requires a thorough education to recognize and comprehend the cases at hand. Because of this, Tyler King created A Voice From Prison to raise awareness about what happens in the United States' criminal justice system. The treatment of prisons in this country is the most serious issue confronting our society now. We cannot continue to treat the millions of people imprisoned by the criminal justice system as if their lives have no value. We can't keep leaving like this.

The fundamental fact of American prison is the lock and clock, not the lock and key. That is why everyone who has spent even a single day inside a prison will never forget how it feels. The time comes to a halt. Anxiety, boredom, and terror were combined into a suffocating fog covering both the guards and the guarded.

A Voice From Prison is a non-profit group that works to change the criminal justice system and protect constitutional rights. This blackout was more than simply an annoyance and an imposition; it had the potential to be life-threatening for captives. Tyler King founded A Voice From Prison after losing faith in the US legal system and with the ultimate objective of criminal justice reform in mind. A Voice from Prison seeks to provide assistance and resources to those who need it to combat today's criminal justice system injustice. "We want a country where everyone is treated fairly and equally by the Constitution, as required by the criminal justice system," Tyler King says.

Prison is a destination that threads through the lives of many poor individuals in America, inferior black men, just like high school and college do for privileged white people. Moreover, half of all black men without high school graduation will spend some time in prison during their careers. Today, our society is characterized by mass incarceration on an almost unprecedented scale in human history.

Thanks to A Voice From Prison, everyone has access to information about the justice system through Tyler's experiences. This blog, in particular, strives to advocate for criminal justice reform and constitutional rights by raising awareness, providing information, and promoting good change from inside the community to the outside. This is consistent with their vision of a country where everyone is treated fairly and equally by the Constitution, as mandated by the criminal justice system.

It's probably unsurprising that so many people are entirely oblivious of how many people are, or have been, subject to captivity or control. Prisons are constructed in such a way that they are out of sight and also out of mind. Even though these facilities imprison people's lives, including children, and we are the ones who pay the billions of dollars to keep them running, we are asked to assume that they are run humanely and that they make our society safer. But that's not true.

A Voice From Prison thinks raising awareness is the first step; thus, they are fully committed to providing a voice to the voiceless. A Voice From Prison is committed to the compassionate treatment of all those involved in the criminal justice system, guided by the ideals of respect, equality, and fairness.

As history and current headlines demonstrate, the public needs to know what happens in prisons. Unimaginable pain can occur in the name of safety and security because people don't know what they're doing. We have no reason to make this Morally ambiguous agreement, and there are numerous human reasons why we should not.

 Read more: avoicefromprison.com and tylerking.me

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