Bianca Edwards is a Celebrity Esthetician and a business owner with a great passion for the beauty industry. Bianca was introduced to beauty routines, techniques, and self-care rituals by her mother, and although she lost her mother when she was a teenager, she never forgot the way she cared for herself.

Her passion for helping other people feel beautiful and confident motivated her to become an esthetician. Bianca was very determined and soon she was very successful with a wide range of knowledge regarding various skin issues. She learned to understand the intricacies of dealing with eczema, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and other skin conditions.



As Bianca's passion fueled her thirst for knowledge, her services became superior and she soon had a roster of celebrity clients. Bianca is known for working with Floyd Mayweather for over three years and giving $5000 facials! She is very knowledgeable when it comes to micro-needling, waxing, body contour, high-frequency skin imperfection treatments, and many more topics.

After years of experience working with clients, Bianca decided she would like to help other women from her industry achieve their goals. She has traveled throughout Asia and Europe intending to increase education in the skincare industry. Bianca has a passion to inspire and empower women to become the best versions of themselves. She enjoys educating estheticians on the newest techniques, business models, and ways to make their business reach six figures annually.




Through her connections and background, Bianca found a way to profit from advising celebrities on the perfect skincare routine for their skin type. Her rich skillset has also led her to teach luxury skincare brands such as Clarisonic and Hydrofacial. Although she is well versed in the industry, Bianca  is always looking for ways to improve beauty routines, techniques, and ways to make her clients happier. After meticulous research, she came up with innovative ideas for luxurious beauty tools. That is when she decided to launch her own beauty company, and Beauty Done Right was born.

Beauty Done Right has unveiled exciting new products including her Rose Gold Face Massagers, Ice Dice, among others. As a flourishing esthetician, she has educated various luxury skincare brands and celebrities on proper skincare. The brand’s unique product offerings and inclusivity has positioned the brand to be on its way to great success!




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