After two years of little to no festivities, you could say that a wedding boom is in full effect. But for most couples, wedding planning has become much more difficult following the pandemic. Couples are frantic to secure venues, caterers, photographers, DJs, and secure dates as early as possible. It’s said that wedding events will occur 15% higher than normal, with over 2.5 million couples in the US alone expected to tie the knot this year. If you’re thinking of holding the wedding of your dreams in 2023, here are five wedding trends to be inspired by.


1. Color and Maximalism

Gone are the days of strict monochromatic palettes and identical bridesmaid dresses. Couples are embracing their inner child and are starting to incorporate more color and boldness into their palettes again. Weddings with a maximalist design are also all the rage, but it isn’t all just for the looks. It’s also about filling the area with personal and meaningful objects that lift up one’s spirit. Make sure to look into maximalist venues, cakes, and wedding dresses if this is the memory you want to create for your wedding.

2. A Shorter Guestlist

The trend of shortening guestlists arose as a precaution for COVID-19 since weddings tend to be high-transmission events. But as time passed, couples began to realize the benefits of a shorter guest list. Having fewer guests will reduce your overall expenses on food, wedding favors, and essentially all aspects of the wedding. Others simply prefer the more intimate ambiance of inviting just family and the closest friends. If you’re working with a wedding planner, be sure to relay this preference so you can tweak your list earlier on.

3. Spontaneous Photos

Having a dedicated photographer or two is, of course, a non-negotiable. But if you’ve spent some time scrolling through wedding photo accounts on social media, you might have noticed that blurred, drunk-happy photos are all the rage right now. Many couples make it a point to pose… not to look as posed. Ask your photographer to take a few blurry photos to add to your album for a more ‘at the moment’ feel. Another good idea is to give each table a disposable camera to collect at the end of the event for some surprising results.

4. Sustainability

Planning the event around sustainability is also a major priority for most young couples getting married in 2023. For engagement and wedding rings, moissanite has become a  more popular ethical, and sustainable substitute for diamond, as it has a similar sparkle and shine. You could also look for venues with green initiatives like vegan menus, solar panels, or water conservation efforts in place. Opting for a re-wearable or transformable wedding gown is also a choice rooted in sustainability.

5. Interactive Weddings

Lastly, one of the budding trends of 2023 is to have more interactive weddings. People are valuing human interaction and memory-making more than ever. Featuring unique activities at one’s wedding such as having an audio guestbook, commissioning a live artist, or a self-portrait studio are fun ways to make your wedding unforgettable for you and for your guests. Weddings that unite both sides of the couple’s unique heritage by incorporating traditions from both cultures are also highly popular right now.

Final Words

Though it’s easy to be mesmerized by the glitz and glam of trends, always remember that they come and go. It’s important to go with what will make you happy as a couple and plan a wedding that you will fondly look back on in years to come. So don’t feel too pressured to conform to any trends, and simply take this article as a guide to help you turn your dream wedding into a reality. For lifestyle articles and more, check out the rest of our website here at Elucid Magazine.



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