For professional ballet dancers from all over the world, it's their ultimate dream to make it to Broadway, where they can grace countless stages in the spotlight and attract global admiration JOVS.

However, it's not an easy dream, which usually requires the dancers to train day and night for years before they can even begin auditioning for Broadway shows. Nevertheless, those who eventually realize their dreams and shine on the Broadway stages are the true embodiment of beauty and elegance.

Behind their beauty and elegance are years of self-discipline and extensive self-care routines. This summer, three Broadway star dancers have shared one of their favorite secret beauty products behind their glowing performance – JOVS hair removal and skincare device, which is taking Broadway by storm.

Cao Xiaoxiao: JOVS is my secret to confidence:

Cao Xiaoxiao, a young dancer from China, has overcome countless obstacles before she finally made it to Broadway, which has long been dominated by western dancers. She is now the only Chinese ballerina performing in iconic Broadway ballets like The Phantom of the Opera. She has also played essential roles in classical ballets like The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Romeo and Juliet.

Being committed to a particular path has never been easy. However, everyone has a secret that inspires them to keep going. "Besides continuing to practice, the secret I have is confidence. And that doesn't just mean being confident in my performance. It's also important to feel confident about how I look because, after all, we are putting on a show. I want to feel beautiful when I'm on stage, and having clear, smooth skin is a huge part of that."

In order to have clear and smooth skin, Xiaoxiao chooses JOVS, a brand passionate about instilling confidence in people by providing them with the smooth skin they dream of. With their optical wavebands that filter up to 99% of harmful UV rays to protect the skin and skin-cooling technology for a pain-free experience, JOVS has taken precision hair removal to another level cementing itself as Xiaoxiao's beauty device of choice.

"I was impressed with the quality of the (hair-removal) effects and the fact that I could use it on larger areas like my legs. After trying it, I can say that other hair removal methods don't even compare. I didn't experience any skin irritation or ingrown hairs that come from shaving, creams, or waxing. Plus, it has different settings, so I can tailor it to whatever area I'm focusing on. More importantly, it is wonderfully designed, a perfect blend of beauty and tech," she said.

Outside of ballet, Xiaoxiao is also the designer and owner of Xiaoxiao Designs, a dancewear line. "I also had an interest in fashion, and I've loved reading fashion magazines from a young age. So when I wasn't training for ballet, I would spend a lot of time looking at them," she said. 

The JOVS Venus Pro has emerged as the world's first dual-purpose hair remover skincare device, removing hair and treating the skin simultaneously. However, product craftsmanship and composition held the same importance as product efficiency, and it was the appreciation for JOVS design and attention to detail that brought JOVS and Xiaoxiao together.

"I was surprised by JOVS' product, the sleek design combined with the color. As a fashion designer, it really impressed me. I love emerald, and it's accented with a beautiful golden champagne finish. I've never seen any beauty device like it before. I can see why it won the Red Dot Design Award!" she noted.


Rachel Thalman: JOVS makes my skin softer than ever before

Rachel Thalman is another accomplished and versatile Broadway dancer. Since moving to New York 4 years ago, she's been freelancing as a dancer and a model. As a dancer, she has presented unforgettable performances in The Nutcracker, Cinderella, and Swan Lake, just to name a few. As a model, she performed for major events like the New York Fashion Week.

When asked about her career, Rachel attributes her success to her holistic approach. "I always make sure to have an evening each week where I focus on an extensive self-care routine. I'll draw a bath with Epsom salt, shave, moisturize, apply a face and hair mask and make time to roll out to recuperate my muscles. It's important for me to frequently rejuvenate my skin and body," she said.

As a person who deeply understands the power of feeling good in her skin, Rachel is a big fan of JOVS Mini. This cordless masterpiece comes with dual light wave flashing and upgraded filter technology that combines hair removal and skincare functions. The 10 minutes blue light charging base also kills 99% of bacteria and viruses while charging for that clean peace of mind.

"Even though my skin and hair don't directly affect my dancing, they do affect how comfortable I feel while rehearsing or performing. The less I have to worry about while dancing, the better! For me, smooth legs are the most comfortable underneath ballet tights," she said.

"I've tried all the typical methods, but they all have their downsides like skin irritation and ingrown hairs. The JOVS Mini didn't come with any of these problems, and it left my skin looking and feeling softer than ever before," she added.


Saverio Pescucci: JOVS X Lamborghini has been a lifesaver

Italian dancer Saverio Pescucci is another dream chaser at Broadway who has traveled around the world doing what he loves the most – ballet. Most recently, he's taken the stage on Broadway as a soloist in The Phantom of the Opera.

"It definitely made me feel extremely grateful because so many dancers dream of going to Broadway but never make it. So, knowing that all my hard work paid off was really satisfying. It also showed me that I could achieve anything I put my mind to and gave me so much more confidence," he said.

He stressed that confidence is the key to achieving goals, and it also plays a crucial role in his performance.

"Feeling confident is a huge factor in having a successful show. We're here to entertain and captivate the audience, so that means I have to really get into the character and make sure every movement is precise. I try to do everything I can when I'm not performing to guarantee that I'm always feeling confident in my performances," he explained.

Saverio believes that everyone should feel confident enough to go after their dreams, and self-care is part of that.

"Taking time out to focus on self-care has been really important to me. I believe in keeping my body and mind healthy and strong, so fitness and being mindful are priorities," he said.

As a guy who pays much attention to self-care, his favorite beauty product is the JOVS X Lamborghini which has the Graphene enhanced far-infrared technology that resonates with the skin stimulating natural nutrient absorption for more healthy-looking skin.

"I’m careful about what I eat and what kind of products I use on my skin and hair. Using the JOVS X Lamborghini has been a lifesaver because it’s kept my skin looking youthful and toned without having to apply a bunch of products.”


JOVS: a perfect blend of beauty and tech

Cao XiaoXiao, Rachel Thalman, and Saverio Pescucci are just three representatives of the Broadway dancers who have been fascinated by JOVS’ high-end beauty products.

From Paris to London, from New York to Seoul, JOVS, with the determination to inspire men and women to look and feel their best, is taking the world by storm within only three years.

Its products, with iconic emerald coloring, elegant design, painless hair removal technology, and a unique photon light skin rejuvenation function have become popular worldwide. One of the products, JOVS Venus Pro, is the first hair removal product to win the Red Dot Design Award.


About JOVS :

Founded in 2018, JOVS is determined to provide the safest, efficient and intelligent beauty products for models and everyone who loves fashion and design worldwide.

JOVS launched in 2019 when they launched their Venus Pro hair removal device. It was the first smart-beauty device of its kind, and it quickly became a favorite across the globe. JOVS was even awarded the Red Dot Award for Design Innovation in 2020 for the Venus Pro’s revolutionary design and power. Since then, they’ve continued to strive for excellence in the personal care industry through collaborations with unparalleled luxury brands like Lamborghini. Their passion for smart beauty pushes them to continue to develop more innovative devices for beauty lovers around the world.





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