When a mall is not just a mall but a centre point of attraction, expanded into a supersized virtual city-state that is plugged into a global metropolis- then you definitely would have that feeling of volatile mix of wonder and dejection roil in your belly. 




This spectacular 28-acre shebang that has taken the city of New York by storms is the Hudson Yards also dubbed as New York’s “Biggest, Newest, Slickest Gated Community” by the very own New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman.

The whole concept behind this para-Manhattan rose on a platform and tethered to the real thing by one subway line; is to fill itself with retail tenants who can pay high rents and bring in people who are capable enough to attract capital. Speaking pure business, this virtual cityscape is all about seasoned players who can compete in this space.

Hudson Yards is a swanky $25 billion enclave, bringing together supertall office towers, airborne eight-figure apartments, a 720,000-square-foot shopping zone and a gaggle of star-chef restaurants. This city-within-the-city is not just exclusively designed but also features a selection of digitally native brands, an Instagram-friendly exhibition space built by Snarkitecture comprising a Kith cereal bar and retail space. Not just this, one of the floors has a lounge and relaxation space with charging ports, swing and showers all for the shopaholics to buy and have their chill time here.

Resurrection Vintage shop, Zodiac Room Restaurant, Dallas-based boutique or open-flow cosmetics section; you name it and you find it here. What acts as the cherry on the cake is that it has eight thousand square feet of ladies’ shoes in the store. There will be everything from jobs, yoga wear, art shows, tapas, and affordable apartments.

The New Yorkers would never have imagined of such an existential space which this complex redeems an area that is a great pit full of resting trains opening to the sky. Exuding perfectionism, this improbable mirage promises a nuisance-free zone. The site’s co-generation plant would boot in within milliseconds, even if the whole of the eastern coast of New York goes dark. The submarine doors would close around elevator machinery and fuel tanks during rains and water rise. Handrails have embedded lighting strips and pavers are arranged in a mosaic of variant grays.

This experiential element is fed with technology and is home to a digital styling lounge. That means the online-only shoppers get access to communicate with 50 digital stylists. What more! To evade customers from climbing through the mall to get their goods, street-level pickup for orders is also available. With escalators transformed into walking sidewalks and having only indoor pathways through the seven-story shopping center, Hudson Yards with 101 floors exhibit its own communication network, power supply, and future proofing.

The goal of smart-growth urbanists for years has been the kind of total-service completeness. These aspirations can be thus applied to this semi-citified development around a suburban transit station and yes they can keep their hopes high about it not being dead after a rush hour. 

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