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The recently launched web and mobile application, Pozess, is a picture-driven marketplace built on blockchain with a user experience similar to apps like Pinterest and Instagram, dedicated to sharing photos of luxury fashion and lifestyle goods. 

For those who are used to traditional online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, however, Pozess is a novel experience. The platform redefines shopping in a way that has never been seen before by blending social behaviors that we’re used to in our everyday lives with our newfound obsession with online shopping. Unlike in traditional marketplaces where central management chooses which merchants and products will be listed, on Pozess the user community curates their own marketplace by posting the items that can be purchased. The goal is to open the doors of discovery and to give consumers access to products and merchants they never would have found otherwise.


The Tech Behind Pozess

Pozess is a first-of-its-kind concept in that its platform is built on a blockchain-based system. Blockchain’s incorporation into the Pozess backend has several benefits:

Pozess users earn crypto rewards for network building activities such as liking and sharing photos of products, and commenting on items. Blockchain ensures that the rewards system is safe and secure.

Pozess promises smooth transactions between shoppers and sellers. Blockchain enables  transactions to be fast, cheap, and direct with no need for a middleman.

The platform allows sellers and buyers to connect directly and ensures that feelings of trust and transparency are upheld between both parties as exchanges are made.

Pozess is a decentralized marketplace. Traditional marketplaces, on the other hand, have a centralized infrastructure and network and are controlled by one central hub. The blockchain is free of any one control center and doesn’t follow classical hierarchy. Because one computer isn’t in control of many others, there can be no single point of failure - if one node in the chain fails, the whole system won’t crash.




With the introduction and popularization of cryptocurrency, Blockchain has become more widely used across different industries - and the //">fashion industry is no exception, with Pozess as the pioneer in the fashion-Blockchain crossover.

Pozess is paving the way as a budding leader in the crossover worlds of fashion, social media, and blockchain, and is creating a decentralized social marketplace where the users are in charge of content curation. Pozess is putting control back in the hands of the consumers and is evolving our sense of imagination - our only limits are those at the edge of discovery. Come join the #PozessNetwork, and #Pozesswhatyoulove.


Learn more about Pozess and our technology on our website:

And join our social community on Instagram & Twitter: @joinPozess


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