ShopSnapIt is a free buying and selling app available for Android as well as iOS. You can use this app to buy clothes, fashion accessories and even local services. You can also use this app as a seller and post your products or services using the app.


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Using The ShopSnapIt App

You have to sign up by providing your name, phone number, email address and other details. After signing up, you can use the app as a buyer or a seller. The interface is quite similar to a social media platform.

- As A Buyer

When you use the app as a buyer, you will get a list of sellers that you can follow. After you follow some sellers, your feed will receive the listings of products and services posted by those sellers.

You can mark a listing as a favorite by tapping at the heart button, share the listing with a friend or comment on the listing. You can also send a private message to the seller if you want to get more information about the product.

You can also add the product to your shopping cart and purchase the product. If you want to find an item on the platform, you can use the app's search engine. The search engine listings will also include the products from the sellers you don't follow.

- As A Seller

You can also sell your own products or services on the platform. Before trying to sell your first product, you will need to provide your personal information and banking details.

You can add the pictures, details and set the price for your product in your listing. As your products are seen by your followers, you should engage more with the potential buyers on the platform to get more followers and buyers.

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Why Is ShopSnapIt Unique?

The app developer has combined the elements of a social media app and a shopping app. Every user can buy as well as sell their own products on the platform.

The app has a lot of potential as small business owners and service providers will be able to list their services and products on the platform. The platform is very convenient for the sellers as they can list any kind of service from any industry on the platform.

The buyers can also see all kind of services and products that they might need. They will not have to use different apps or online portals for buying various kinds of products and services. They can shop for everything on ShopSnapIt.


Final Verdict

The user interface of the app looks good and easy to use. The app works without any lag and gives clear instructions to follow.

ShopSnapIt provides a platform to the sellers and buyers to meet. It provides an interesting and an efficient way to shop on your smartphone.


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