Getting a good night sleep is a luxury which not everyone can afford. Sound sleep is the key to getting up refreshed and feeling rejuvenated to carry on with the new day with great zeal. But with our mundane life activities and tied up schedules, we barely get the needful hours of rest for ourselves. After all, good sleep means good health as it adds to our overall well being. Besides this, it increases mental acuity and sharpens decision-making skills. In such a case, technology provides us the solution in the form of some intelligent sleepwear and gadgets that promise a good night’s sleep.



Hydra Active moisturizing pajamas

Hydra Active in collaboration with Emirates airlines has come up with such pajamas for their first-class fliers that are infused with microcapsules of moisturizers and skin conditioners like aloe vera and sea kelp. These pajamas release these active ingredients gently during the night to aid in sleep and keep the wearer comfortable. The essence of the ingredients lasts 30 washes.

Intelligent pajamas with embedded sensors

Get a soothing sleep with this intelligent nightwear devised by a team of researchers led by the University of Massachusetts. It features five discrete and strategically placed textile patches with embedded sensors, four of which are piezoelectric and detect constant pressures like that of a person’s body against a bed. These pajamas monitor the wearer’s heartbeat, breathing and sleep posture and later switch it into data that is wirelessly sent to a receiver through small Bluetooth transmitter placed in it. The wearer’s sleep patterns are enhanced through the implementation of this useful information. 

Music through bone conduction

This kind works with the body’s natural conductivity where music and sound waves travel through bone conduction; which is audible only to the wearer and drifts them off to sleep.

Embr Wave

Developed by MIT scientists, this personal thermostat can be worn on the wrist and can be simply pressed or held by the users if they feel too hot or too cold. It thus helps optimize sleeping temperature and the screen of this device is also soothing.


If you are in need to chill out while sleeping, try ChiliPad, which is a blanket available in the size of half of a queen bed. It is ideal for couples with varying temperature needs. It can regulate temperatures between 55 and 110 degrees.

Inflatable Sleeping Coat

As an entrant in the 2009 Red Dot Awards and has won a Design Concept Red Dot Award in the Protection category, the sleeping coat is designed by Lin Tsui-Wei. It keeps you dry and warm during the day and it inflates to form a comfy sleeping bag during sleep time.

Not just this, it also protects from harsh winds, is waterproof and lightweight for wearing during the day. Its lower part can be detached to make a mini-mattress for sitting on during an evening meal. For sleeping, the coat can be inflated to make a warm, snug and comfortable sleeping bag. 


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