In a year where staying at homeware has become the new norm, it is no surprise that people have used their newfound time to focus on updating and remodeling their homes, creating spaces they can both work and live in simultaneously. With homeware accounts becoming commonplace throughout Instagram, Pinterest home pages generating record-breaking numbers of direct sales, and TikTok home renovation videos amassing millions of views online, it is not difficult to see the direct impact of so many people taking an interest in their homes throughout the year.

From Minimalist to Scandinavian, to Mid-century modern, the design styles available to create your dream interior are progressing rapidly, with different styles unfolding before our eyes. This year especially, sites such as are especially supportive when trying to find your ideal homeware decor. Ranges are continually refreshed, with different suppliers all under one roof and constantly expanding, always ensuring high-quality products throughout a selection of different styles and price points, and housed under one easy-to-use portal alongside high levels of customer service provided by their in house customer service experts. To set itself apart, Prevaire marries up its slick eCommerce platform with on-trend content and poignant product selection. 

Prevaire has resident interior design experts tasked with putting together a collection of products that reflects the passion for style, quality, and affordability of the brand. Prevaire has already connected retailers with thousands of emerging and established brands, and is inspired every day to create one home for interior brands, combined with their desire to ensure they are using ethical and fair trade suppliers, they are certain to maintain their already outstanding reputation within the interior field. 

Prevaire has numerous categories of products, from the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and more, and will ship from various different designers and brands straight to your door, enabling you to create the space you have always desired no matter your price point. Whilst other brands have focused solely on dominating the headlines, Prevaire has focused on building their e-commerce experience with consumers in mind, building a range of high-quality products, believing that everyone should have access to great design and is dedicated to making that happen.







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