Baby Lavandon
shoes are premium-quality handmade shoes manufactured in the EU.

They are specially designed according to the highest orthopedic standards for babies and children to address the special needs of developing feet.

Thanks to hand production, each pair is made with special love and care, as well as with utmost precision which ensures in-depth quality examination resulting in exceptional quality.

High-quality standards are also met in material selection, wherefore all the little shoes are made of natural materials such as leather, nubuck, cotton and velour.

Baby Lavandon shoes are also a true eye-candy since they meet the latest fashion trends so that each little boy’s and little girl’s outfit complete with these shoes looks extra chic and fashionable.


Correct walking pattern is a base for healthy feet development



The special orthopedic design, developed in cooperation with medical experts, ensures correct walking patterns and foot-muscle development. This is very important as it affects overall muscle and postural development.

Therefore, Baby Lavandon shoes are designed for

  • non-walking babies
  • first steps
  • walking babies

Models for each of these three categories differ in their characteristics to meet the different development stages of children's movement and walking.



Baby Lavandon collection for non-walking babies is designed to protect baby’s feet, while also being an eye-catchy fashion detail. Each pair contains a soft leather sole to ensure temperature regulation and protection from cold. All the models are made with a wide front, which is a characteristic of children's feet, so each model fits each and every tiny foot. 



Baby Lavandon footwear is also intended for babies to assist them with their first steps. To provide safe and healthy first steps, a special design keeps the foot stable while also mimicking barefoot walking. This encourages very important reflex development which helps in healthy foot development, as well as in learning a healthy walking pattern. The soles contain the soft metatarsal flexible part and a solid heel cup that protects the foot.

For the utmost comfort of children’s feet, it is crucial that the shoes are flexible, soft and orthopedic. Therefore, Lavandon shoes for walking children are manufactured to easily adapt to all the activities, such as walking, running and playing. All our shoes for walking children have an anatomic insole that can be tailor-made to address individual needs.


Lavandon Manufactory



Our long-term experience and quality-oriented production make us leading experts in the field of orthopedic footwear production.

Lavandon footwear operates as a part of the German corporation Bauerfeind Ltd. and it is located in Croatia.

The manufactory was founded over a decade ago specializing in the production of anatomical and orthopedic footwear. The production started with the manufacturing of high-quality orthopedic footwear for adults. 5 years ago, the offer was expanded to children's handmade orthopedic footwear. The entire production process is performed manually from the beginning to the end.


For over a decade, Lavandon manufacturers have strived to provide only the best for children’s needs by paying special attention to all the details that make the difference.



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